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Werner USA is the number one brand in professional climbing equipment. Werner has grown to be the most trusted name in ladders. Werner ladders are the safest, highest quality, innovative climbing products for the past 80 years.


The History of ladders is perhaps the history of Werner. After all for 80 years these ladders are being made to last. backed by over five decades of products design, testing and evaluation experience. ALTEC Werner ladders are a product of a unique partnership. Altec and Werner, USA. Two sides of a coin that has continuously set the standard for the industry, in the world, in the USA and in India.


Werner USA is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of climbing equipment. They are a state-of-the art fully integrated manufacturer of Aluminium, fiberglass and wood climbing products. All Altec-Werner products are designed and manufactured to the same rigorous quality standards and with a common goal of building the safest ladders possible. Not only do they meet OSHA and ANSI requirements (international standards) they even exceed them.

In fact Werner has catalyzed a unique 'Ladder Movement' in the world. Fiberglass ladders are a Werner initiative. Werner's lineage is 80 years old with 130 worldwide patents, and several inventions like the exclusive ALFLO3 piece Twist-proof rung joint. Werner world over means strength and reliability. 

This world leader has tied up with Altec Corporation Limited, a company whose credentials in extrusion and quality adherence are globally know.


"Well experience extruders can display creativity both in process and product, Altec Corporation Limited is an example" - Robert I. Werner, Werner Company


Altec Corporation Limited is the licensee of Werner in India since 1990. A testimonial to their commitment to new wave products and lasting quality. Altec Corporation Limited has over 5000 dies/moulds to make international quality ladder parts/components. Altec Corporation Limited has capacity of over 1,000 ladder per day. This comes from a world standard Aluminium extrusion plant dedicated to ladder-making. Pristine extrusions with the perfect alloys, is the marriage of a classical tune of its composer.


Werner, USA seeing Altec's commitment has transferred their 80 years of technology and design. The result : you get a range of ladders that perhaps have no match on safety, reliability and service.

Today Altecs products are sought after India, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Europe, Singapore and other parts of the worlds.


The finest aluminum products your money can buy. Welcome to Altec Werner .While going through our website you will discover why we are unique and what makes us different. While our ladders are light and rated the safest, they are sturdy and proven. After all our collaboration is with Werner USA who have been in the business of making quality climbing systems for over 80 years now. At Altec we believe quality in means quality out. From melting to alloy to the making we control it all to ANSI , OSHA standards. So whether you are a buyer, or an exporter or someone who wants to collaborate we could be your undisputed choice…


Altec Corporation Limited has been the licensee for Werner in India from 1990 and makes world class ladders from its integrated aluminum extrusion and ladder manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. Altec Werner ladders are much sought after in India, Middle East and other markets.


Safe, Compact, Convenient - Aluminium Ladders, Climbing & Scaffolding System

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Series C370
Combination Ladder
Multi purpose

Series 370
Step ladder Medium
Duty Commercial use

Series PT370
Twin Step &
Platform Ladder.

Our Vision: to become a premier player in the rapidly growing market  in the Asia & middle-east

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